Put yourself on the Map

Put yourself on the MAP! Tell us about your actions.

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In every Canadian province and territory, we have met passionate, caring people who have participated in It’s Not Right! (INR) presentations and workshops.

Declare it

I am a Champion for Social Change! I understand the little things I do can make a big difference in a person's life and in our society. I have contributed as a supporter, an advocate and/or as a presenter.

Show it

Put yourself on the map:

1. I am a SUPPORTER - tell us what you did:

  • I had a SNCit conversation with a person I was concerned about
    (SEE-it, NAME-it, CHECK-it: pronounced "sink-it")
  • I offered my support to a person I believe is experiencing abuse
  • I told someone about services or supports in our community
I Supported

2. I am an ADVOCATE - tell us what you did:

  • I spoke up about ageism
  • I spoke up about abuse of older adults
  • I wrote/spoke to a politician about the importance of addressing abuse of older adults
  • I volunteered my time to address senior abuse or ageism
  • I participated in a local group or network to end abuse of older adults
I Advocated

3. I am a PRESENTER - tell us what you did:

  • I gave an INR presentation (track your presentations)
I Presented