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The vision for a pan-Canadian approach to elder abuse was started under the 2008 Federal Elder Abuse Initiative. The Public Health Agency of Canada (2009) and Employment and Skills Development Canada (2012-2015) provided $1M in funding to develop It's Not Right! Neighbours, Friends & Families for Older Adults. New funding in 2019 has provided the means to update the INR website.

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How are we addressing elder abuse in Canada?

Do we have a national:

Elder Abuse Strategy/Action Plan? no

National Elder Abuse Network? yes

Does it receive annualized government funding? no

What department is responsible for seniors?

Employment and Social Development Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada

Current state (updated 04/20):

6 provinces / territories have a provincial/territorial elder abuse strategy

4 provincial / territorial governments fund an elder abuse network

2412 people touched by It’s Not Right!


CNPEA is a pan Canadian network whose mission is to connect people and organizations, foster the exchange of reliable information, and advance program and policy development on issues related to preventing abuse of older adults. CNPEA is a non profit organization.

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The Canadian government website provides information on elder abuse: