Organizer Checklist

Checklist for Organizers of Workshop Sessions
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  1.  VENUE
  • If possible have the same person that organizes the venue be the point person for organizing the audio visual equipment and food/refreshments
  • Will the capacity of the venue meet the requirements of your workshop session
  • Will it accommodate the set up you require i.e. round tables, theatre style
  • If needed are there breakout rooms available                             
  • Is there on-site audio visual equipment i.e. screen, data projector, good quality sound system and computer
  • If it not available at the Venue, where will you obtain it
  • Have someone who is familiar with the audio/visual equipment available to trouble shoot problems the day of the workshop session
  • Depending on the length of your Workshop Session you may want to offer food/and or refreshments
  • Will the Venue be able to provide food/refreshments
  • If not available on site, select a caterer who will provide and deliver what you require
  • Ask for a quote for the food and/or refreshments
  • Provide accurate numbers to the caterer/venue, 3 working days prior to the Workshop Session